General rules at the FFA

FFA is a private club with Right of Admission reserved.

Remember to go to the toilet before the session

During the session, parents are not allowed to stay inside the Academy but must be reachable, except for 4-7 years old session on Saturdays.

Eating and drinking: No food other than water is allowed in FFA.

Sport wear: Sport shoes and comfort sport wear are required.

Lost property

  • FFA cannot be held responsible for any damage, loss of personal property.
  • Any remaining items not claimed will be donated to charity.

Terms & Conditions for our regular lessons


FFA disclaims all responsibility for the practice of Parkour Freerunning outside of class hours supervised by FFA.


All lessons are offered on an ongoing basis and run throughout the year from September to July. This excludes semi-private courses and birthday parties for which the courses are booked separately.


  • Parkour Freerunning fees are payable per term in advance. These are calculated on the number of weeks per term.
  • Upon booking, payment must be made in full to secure your booking. We are under no obligation to refund or transfer your payment in the event that you are unable to attend part of or the entire course of lessons.

Lesson times

  • Lesson duration is 60 minutes.
  • Punctuality is essential – it would be a coach’s appreciation.

Missed lessons

Any lessons missed cannot be made up. As a courtesy, please inform FFA in advance by email for extended absences.


For health conditions that lead to missed lessons, a doctor’s note documenting the absence will be required. Only upon submission of this note can allowances in the form of makeup classes be considered. This includes anyone suffering muscle pains or injuries preventing the practice of parkour Freerunning, who should not attend lessons until the symptoms have cleared.

Please note that for the safety of our children we request that NO food is consumed on the premises.

Annual breaks

Easter, August, and Christmas are our standard FFA breaks. Please take note of the specific dates upon registration. These are also posted on our website and when you book the term.

For the sake of continuity, we do not break for half term.

Adverse weather

We are under no obligation to refund lessons missed due to FFA’s closure caused by adverse weather, likewise if you are unable to attend lessons due to adverse weather local to you while the FFA remains open. We will make reasonable attempts to reschedule lessons should they be affected by adverse weather, however, this is not automatic and will take time to arrange.


We are under no obligation to refund lessons missed due to busy traffic.


The security and care of our pupils is of paramount importance to us. Foucan Freerunning Academy is GDPR compliant. Full details of our Privacy Policy and data protection can be found on our website.

Increase of costs

FFA reserves the right to increase the costs of lessons. All members will be given sufficient notice in advance.


For last-minute changes that affect many customers, FFA will communicate mainly via email as well as email blast from our database. This correspondence can land in your junk/spam box. Please check your junk/spam mailbox regularly to avoid missing any important correspondence from us.

Terms & conditions

From time to time we may update these terms and conditions by sending you either an updated version or notification of minor changes. You are free to not accept these changes but we would ask you to notify us in writing of your non-acceptance within 7 days of your receipt, failing which we will be entitled to treat our agreement with you as being subject to the updated version.


For insurance reasons, failure to agree to and submit our terms and conditions prior to your first lesson means your child will not be able to attend his/her first lesson or any lesson thereafter until the terms and conditions have been received.

Accompanying adults

Outside of their class, all children are the sole responsibility of the parent or carer. Parents or carers must be reachable during their child’s lesson.

Personal property

Parents/Carers are responsible for the security and safe use of all personal property including money, mobile phones, keys, watches, computers, etc. and FFA shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to any such property.

Accident and injury

In the event of an accident, an accident report form must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian as well as the teacher – should the accident happen during the classes. FFA coaches staff hold first aid certifications and take every precaution in the protection and safeguarding of all FFA members.

Complaints procedure

A complaint about any matters relating to FFA, it’s policies or administration should be directed in writing to Any reasonable complaint shall receive fair and proper consideration and a timely response.

Video, photographs, images, and promotional material

It is the custom and practice of FFA to include some photographs or images of pupils in our promotional material, social media, website or to publicize events and the achievements of our pupils. These images may be taken in and around the FFA lessons and will not be used by FFA for any other purpose. We will never include the names and ages of the pupil without prior consent from the parents. If you do not consent for your child to be photographed you can ‘Opt-Out’. Simply send an email to stating your request to ‘Opt-Out’. We will respond by acknowledging your request.

Questions & queries

For general questions, queries, for pupil progress updates and or concerns please send an email to

It is important that coaches are not disturbed or interrupted at the beginning or ending lessons or between 2 lessons.


Each party irrevocably agrees that the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with the contract or its subject matter or formation.

Any diversion from the above terms and conditions are gestures of goodwill on the part of FFA.

Terms & Conditions for Birthday parties

Duration: 2 hours

Coaching for approx. 80 minutes, delivery of equipment, and full insurance.

When: Saturday 17:00-19:00 or Sunday 10:00-12:00 or 13:00-15:00

Where: West London Free School, Cambridge Grove, Hammersmith, W6 0LB. 

Facilities: a large hall for the activity to take place.

Food: bring your own. Make sure you are aware of allergies, FFA disclaims all responsibility.

Drinks: a cold water fountain is on-site.

Coaches: Parkour UK 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Parkour / Freerunning which is a professional parkour/freerunning standard, usually requiring the individual to have trained for at least 5 years. 


  • £340.00 for up to 15 freerunning participants (1 Coach)
  • £480.00 from 16 to 25 freerunning participants (2 Coaches) 

These levels are set for insurance and participant enjoyment purposes.

Equipment: use of school gymnastics climbing frame as well as our own specially designed foam vaulting horses. This provides a variety of challenging and safe obstacles.

Payment: 50% required on booking (non-refundable) and the final 50% required one week before the party.

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